A magical feature, the old Mill Race at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire. The growth of very mature trees such as Oak and Ash with hawthorn and blackthorn crowding around has immense beauty... The real scene is one of gentle gradual decay and inevitable disintegration, this Mill Race is a remarkable remnant of Kenilworth Castle's medieval history. It is situated above what was once the Great Meer (Lake) which snaked around the castle and out over what is now pasture for cattle and a pleasant countryside walk. Indeed, cattle wander up to use the Race as shelter from inclement weather. Queen Elizabeth I, as guest of Robert Dudley in the 1500s was rowed across the Great Meer on a prestigious royal visit to Kenilworth. On dog walks, I regularly walked the Race on early frosty winter mornings. I later drew my memory of the Race in pen and ink over three days. Thank you.

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