19 Apr

Genré Painting is an area of traditional painting which can also be termed Scenes of Everyday Life. Many painters have enjoyed concentrating on painting people within a narrative over the centuries, the Pre-Raphaelites are a notable example. It usually sets a scene from a religious story, a fable, poem, legend, an event, a song or just inventing a set up of their own... which is my favourite. 

I choose people I feel an affection for and create a scene.

The image shown is an oil painting created in 2010 called The Consultation. It depicts the late ENT surgeon Mr. W.S.Lund M.S., FRCS and my late husband the musician Dave Swarbrick.

 A trip to Woodstock for a consultation with Mr. Lund was a twice yearly event for Dave.

It wasn't a particularly pleasant experience but Mr.Lund was a sheer delight and a beautiful soul, much missed!

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