09 Jun

Tempus Fugit...

Pondering the passing of the Portugese/British Artist Paula Rego yesterday 8/6/2022.

Suddenly, another fine painter gone... 

Time flies and going through my photo archives today I've found a couple of photos taken by Dave of me working in my studio in Coventry, probably around 2012ish. I'm painting a genré scene of some old pals. Judy Dyble (d.2021), Sylvia Pryor-Nicol, Linda Lesley and I used to meet up a few times a year for a meal and cackle in various pubs in Oxfordshire. We called ourselves the Fairport Coven! Happy days and Jude was always on great form. In this image, she's holding court and probably telling us about the latest adventure she was making! It was an establishment in Deddington as I recall. The painting was never finished ... alas?


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